Class Blog Directions and Rules

Here’s what to do:

(increasing your vocabulary is also one of our goals here)

  1. To access our class blog, go to
  2. I will post questions, assignments, musings on the “Posts” page. Individually you will respond to my posts and when advised to do so, will comment on another student’s post.  Some posts are required, some not and I will let you know.
  3. First, you need a blogger name to identify yourself; you will do this in class M, 9/21. Follow these steps:

–choose a word to describe yourself as a writer–your talent, style, strength or weakness (whatever works for you); try (very hard) to discover a new self-defining adjective so you learn a new word as well; use first name only such as intrepidprofp, wittywil, gregariousron,pensivenalina, unless we have multiple students with the same first name in which case, please add first letter of last name.

4. Posts appear in chronological order.

5. To direct a comment to a particlular student’s blog response, be sure to reference that student’s name or moniker. I will do the same when I am in a directed conversation.  I encourage you to respond to others’ blogs, but do not alter/edit a classmate’s comment.

6. In a few weeks, you will “embed” your family Youtube video (digital story)into our WordPress blog.

7. This is a required communication tool that I will check randomly. We will also use this for various in-class exercises.

8. I will initiate the first few posts/topics and invite you to post your reply.

9. Yes, this is similar to a freewrite in that blogposts are informal, but these are graded and should adhere to the conventions of good grammar (I will be a bit more lenient here, but  don’t massacre the language). Obey the basic rules–sentences, capital letters, punctuation, spelling–enough accuracy so we can all read and respond.  I don’t want to be the “grammar gestapo” here.

In our class blog, dialogue with each other about class texts (visual and print) as part of your responses to my initial question post. What we don’t have time to say in class, say here.  And enjoy!

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