BLOG 6: Post Your Digital Story Here! Be sure it has a title. DUE by Nov.25

Part I: Please post your story link here. Deadline for posting here and on youtube is Nov.25, but please post earlier if possible so we can all share in seeing these videos. Even if you are still revising, don’t hesitate to post the “rough” version now.

Pas Deux: Choose one of the digital stories and using the “comment” function, leave your classmate a note about his or her story. This doesn’t have to be long, but is required though you don’t have to comment at the same time you post your own story.

35 Responses to “BLOG 6: Post Your Digital Story Here! Be sure it has a title. DUE by Nov.25”

  1. jingoistic john Says:

    My Digitial Story

  2. jingoistic john Says:

    My Digital Story

  3. Innovative Mark Says:

    Link to Digital Story

    • 103logophiles02 Says:

      The image of the driftwood is, for me, the most poignant in its utter isolation as it immediately follows the line about the family”drifting apart,” almost as if that lone, stark piece of wood on the beach becomes a literal image of your family. I hope you now have a family photo in your dorm room, even if from Facebook.

    • Gallant Tracy Says:

      The picture are extremely vibrant. They really ad excitement to the digital story. Great job.

    • CaptainCole Says:

      I think your pictures go along with your story well and the one with the jets flying over the stadium is particularly good

  4. wittywil Says:

    my digital story

    • supersmartsam Says:

      I really enjoyed the use of funny pictures mixed in with serious pictures to shake things up in perceiving the moment.

  5. Gallant Tracy Says:

    A Rare Martin Family Photo

    • jugdementaljack Says:

      I really enjoyed how you mixed up your family photos with great images like the pedestal. The photos meshed with the words very well throughout the whole story. Good job.

      • dRaMaTiCdAnIeLlE Says:

        Very good! It was very interesting to learn that your family doesn’t take photos often because it seems very natural for you all. I like that you included the description of the trees and the white house to help the audience go more in-depth with the atmosphere.

    • BiGRon Says:

      I really like this video. It is good to see that families still have outings together; I find that very unlikely these days with my family and others that I am familiar with. The pictures used definitely portrayed what you were saying, and they gave an indepth view of you and your family.

    • modestmegan Says:

      I thought that the pictures went along really well with your dialogue. You timed it all very well. I thought the comparison between your family and the white house is very in depth and interesting. This is a really perceptive analysis of your family.

  6. BiGrOn Says:

  7. Alex L Says:

    The audio’s a bit odd as I was sick at the time of recording

    • 103logophiles02 Says:

      Your voice sounds fine, and I appreciate you sharing a slice of your family’s history. I was most impressed by your dad’s sage advice that travel is the best education (how fortunate you are), what a devoted brother and role model you are, and by how much you miss your family. At the end, you mention a “remorse” for no longer being home. In fact, you are still “home,” now and each day.

  8. jugdementaljack Says:

  9. supersmartsam Says:

    My Digital Story, The Role of Pictures

  10. supersmartsam Says:

    • Alex L. Says:

      Very nice presentation, I like the creative use of images corresponding with the context of the story. The story is also quite moving.

  11. dRaMaTiCdAnIeLle Says:

  12. RoNBiG Says:

    • Billy The Brain Says:

      Ron, I decided to leave a reply to your video because I feel that out of all the people in our class, I know you the best. First of all, you made a wonderful presentation. your narration paired with the images made me feel, for a moment, like I was almost a part of your family. Your presentation was moving, emotional and overall very well made. The only negative thing is some background noise in your narration and a moment of pause at about 1:57 where the sound file either skipped or just had a gap in sound.

  13. BigRon Says:

    New video set unprivate

  14. Billy The Brain Says:

    My presentation “No Family Photos!”

    • Stupendous Shawn Says:

      I really liked the story that you told. You captured the essence of how your family functions. The fact that you chose not to include and family photos in your digital story is very interesting to me. It is different than all the other digital stories, but I think it fits into your character perfectly.

  15. Billy The Brain Says:

    I don’t think it worked the first time. Second try.

    My presentation “No Family Photos!”

    • Prof.P Says:

      Billy–we agree!:) Delightful story, in fact, if this were a fishing trip among digital stories, I’d call this one of those rare “handsome” rocks your dad hopes for on your fishing trips.

  16. modestmegan Says:

  17. StupendousShawn Says:

  18. CaptainCole Says:

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