Blog 5: Due Wednesday, Nov. 11, 11:00 p.m., “The Culture of Fear”

Define the word “terrorism,” in your own words. Don’t refer to the dictionary or any other source though you may refer to the film, Bowling for Columbine, in your response. Next cite three types of terrorism Moore addresses in the film providing a brief example of each.

13 Responses to “Blog 5: Due Wednesday, Nov. 11, 11:00 p.m., “The Culture of Fear””

  1. jingoistic john Says:

    I believe terrorism is the coercing of a n individual or group into specific actions through threats and potential harm. This can be used on a personal level between two individuals or countries. Terrorism is classified into three different groups in Bowling for Columbine. The first type is insecurity resulting from the amount of guns in the United States. This can be seen in the movie when he purchases a gun from a bank. The second type her refers to is the presence of destruction and death that comes form them media and American foreign policy. This can be seen in Colorado when they transport the nukes at night. The third kind of terrorism is the personal scare tactics used by companies and groups to make consumer feel like outcast. This peer pressure by companies is used to extort the public. An example is when Michael Moore and Marlyn Manson discuss how certain products target kids.

  2. Innovative Mark Says:

    Terrorism, although usually associated with mass murders by terrorist groups such as Al Qaeda, is any threatening action done by anyone and inflicted on anyone usually through the use of violence and fear. Since the time of 9/11, America has been in a fairly constant state of terror due to the violent acts of that unforgettable day; however, terrorism does not stop there. The students of Columbine High School were terrorized by fellow classmates, and this was done so through fear and violence. In the Michael Moore film, Bowling for Columbine, Moore addresses many different acts of terrorism that do not include just the obvious Al Qaeda types of terrorism. One subtle act of terrorism is done so through the news. In the everyday news, people watch violent act after violent act and because of this, Americans are thrown into a constant state of fear and paranoia. Another form of terrorism that Moore investigates is bullying. Although people usually do not see this as a form of terrorism, it is acts like bullying and terrorizing kids in elementary and high school that causes events such as the Columbine shooting. Tormenting other adolescents can leave permanent scars on some individuals and can really damage a person for their entire life. Finally, one act of terrorism that Moore inspects that is widely known is the Oklahoma City bombing. This bombing was not done by Al Qaeda, but rather two fellow Americans. Moore includes this to show that terrorism can and is done by not only foreigners, but neighbors and fellow citizens. The idea of terrorism is often misunderstood in that most people think of it as a mass killing by foreign radicals. This is not the case though. Terrorism is simply any cruel act committed usually through fear and violence.

  3. gallanttracy Says:

    Terrorism is forceful act or idea bestowed upon a person or group of people done by a single person or organization due to difference in belief or opinion. Terrorism usually results in murder. Three terrorism examples in Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine are the Columbine shooting, the Oklahoma City bombing, and September 11, 2001. In the Columbine shooting two young men shot and killed innocent students and faculty. It was an act of terror due to a difference in opinion. These boys were also bullied and this was their way of revenge. The Oklahoma City bombing was when one man went into and office building in Oklahoma City and planted a bomb which killed and injured hundreds of people. This act was because a difference of beliefs. Lastly, 9/11 was an attack on America which consisted of four planes, three which were successfully carried out attacks, that flew into the two world trade towers and the pentagon (the last plane was shot down in Pennsylvania). This act was committed because of a difference of belief and hatred towards the United States. The act was committed by an organization known as Al Quaeda. Terrorism is an idea that can simply not be tolerated.

  4. wittywil Says:

    Terrorism is an threatening or forceful act that a person or a group of people do to another group or person with a different opinion than the others. In Michael Moore’s film, Bowling for Columbine, he talks about many different types of terrorist acts. Three of which include: the shootings at Columbine High School, the news and media showing terrorism and destruction, and also the Oklahoma City Bombings. Two types of terrorism was seen when Moore talks about the shootings. Firstly the two boys were terrorized and picked on through the years at the school for being different and because of this they committed a terrorist act when they shot up the school. Secondly, the media illustrates many different terrorist acts across the word everyday. The media twists actions and ideas and puts people in a frenzy that they are going to be attacked everyday by a terrorist. Finally, the actions of the terrorists who committed the Oklahoma city bombings were a violent act done by an American to another American. Throughout the movie many different types of terrorist activities were explained by Moore in a very one sided view.

  5. dRaMaTiCdAnIeLlE Says:

    Terrrorism is any act of violence or intimidation that an individual or group inflicts upon another. Michael Moore discusses several types and acts of terrorism. His main point surrounds the Columbine school shooting. He states that the negative image that the media portrays and connotation surrounding guns in America leads people to resort to gun violence. He makes the point that it is not the number of guns that our country has because Canada has many more, but has nowhere near as many gun-related crimes or deaths. He also emphasizes America’s role in shaping its citizens perception about guns. Whenever this country faces a problem, he believes that we turn to violence which is much different from most other country’s response. Finally, Moore addresses the acts of terrorism present in the Middle East where people kill others because of their beliefs or simply because they can. Each of these things has shaped American society and instilled a fear that some people only control with violence.

  6. Stupendous Shawn Says:

    Terrorism is the act of violence or intimidation in hopes of making another prson, group or country adhere to your views and change the way they act. Moore presents three different types of terrorism in the film. First he uses the readily available guns in America, for example solely by opening a bank account. The second example Moore uses is the need to control violence in America. The film cste the media in its constant portrayal of violence to persuade the American people that violence is all around us. And the third example Bowling for Columbine puts forth is American on American violence in events such as the Oklahoma city bombing and the shooting at Columbine high school. Although it is believed that other countries cause terrorism, these events prove that terrorism takes placein America as well.

  7. CaptainCole Says:

    Terrorism is when a person or group threatens a person, group of people, or country with intent to do extreme damage and kill people. The purpose of terrorism is usually to attain some type of goal by threatening violence and death, or it could also be used to make a statement most of the time dealing with religious matters. In Bowling for Columbine Michael Moore goes into detail on a number of different types of terrorism and gives a few examples of some of the more extreme cases over recent years. First he talks about how guns are use to control or threaten people by instilling fear, and gives the KKK as an example and says that they had connections to the NRA. He also talks about the use of weapons of mass destruction and the massive fear that they have brought about from people who worry about foreign countries who might plan to nuke the US. He uses the Lockhead Martin plant located near Columbine as an example and suggests the comfortability of being near a weapons plant may have lead to Columbine. Another example of terrorism he talked about was right here in America where nobody saw it coming. He interviews a man who was charged with having a role in the Oklahoma City bombings and tries to understand why they happened. These examples prove that even though terrorism is considered to be a foreign problem it happens in America as well.

  8. Alex L. Says:

    Terrorism is the use of fear created through violence or threatening actions for the purpose of achieving a military, political, or economic goal. In this respect, violent or threatening actions done for reasons not meant to cause fear do not represent terrorism (Even if said violent acts create fear, the intention is not to cause terrorism). In this respect, 9/11 represents a terrorist act in that the goal of creating fear and uncertainty is done in an attempt to undermine and intimidate the US, with the attack itself as a means to cause such fear. Columbine represents a terrifying attack, but the cause of said attack was from two students seeking revenge on fellow students. While the attack created fear, it should not be called terrorism as the goal was not to cause nationwide fear but to attack the school to fulfill a completely unjustified and horrible act of ‘revenge’. This can also translate into nonviolent means, mostly through the use of threatening an attack or violence to create the same condition of fear. Terrorism has become much more effective in the modern world due to the growth of news entertainment and greater advances in communication, which allow fear messages to be distributed faster and with less effort on the part of the terrorist. The climate of fear shown in the media is also a result of a greater focus on scoops and growth of the news industry at the expense of less eye-catching yet still important news events such as local legislation.

  9. supersmartsam Says:

    Terrorism is a word that recently has only been closely associated with the radical idea of terrorism. Al-Quadea is a type of terrorist action by instilling fear in others by intimidating them. The Al-Quadea group takes this to the next level by murdering hundreds of innocent bystanders. But terrorism can be any act of instilling fear into others, by a group or individual. Along with intimidating others, the group or individual can harm one with words or actions to make everyone else believe that they are serious in these words. September 11th, The Oklahoma City Bombings, and The Columbine shootings are 3 examples of terrorism represented in Moore’s documentary. In each of these, the group instill fear in others, and cause harm on many. The fear is instilled with the terrorist actions as well, causing fear in the remainder of the community surrounding the act.

  10. jugdementaljack Says:

    Terrorism is an act of violence that a person or group commits on another group. It usually involves mass causalities because of disagreements between two sides about financial or religious issues. In Michael Moore’s film, Bowling for Columbine, he discusses several terrorist plots that occurred in our recent history. Three examples of terrorism in the film are 9/11, Columbine High School shooting, and the Oklahoma City bombing. 9/11 was when Al-Queda attacked the United States because of disagreements between America and the Islamic fundamentalist religion. On that day, the terrorist hijacked several planes and crashed them into the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon. The Columbine High School massacre involved two teenagers who brought guns to school and killed several students and teachers because they disliked their lives. Another terrorist plot that Moore discusses was the Oklahoma City bombing. Moore talks to the main suspects’ brother who seemed very crazy when he was dealing with questions from Moore. Terrorism is very abundant in today’s world and hopefully it will end quickly because guns will never create peace.

  11. Ronwyn Pritchett Says:

    Terrorism is hate driven acts that happen towards a person or group by people who do not agree with their beliefs or who they are, these acts are commonly known by ones like the (9/11) attacks in New York and DC. In Moore’s video he spoke about a lot of different terrorist acts. The one he focused on was the shooting that took place at Columbine High School. This act was performed by two kids that was considered outsiders by their peers and were neglected and for that reason they reacted in this horrible way. Another terrorist attack was in the Oklahoma bombing this killed a lot of people and it was seemingly acted out for no reason. Moore did not directly say that slavery in America was a form of terrorism, but he did refer to it in the movie and I think this was one of the biggest forms of terrorism ever known to earth.

  12. Billy the Brain Says:

    As far as I know, any action or words with the intent to cause fear, unrest, forced responses, etc. are terrorism. Terrorism can be performed by any person, regardless of nationality, race or religion. This is what makes terrorism such a threat to the world. There are many types of terrorism, but I cant recall specifically which ones Moore addressed in his film. Personally, the brand of terrorism that consists of random killings with the hope to force the hand of government or other body of power doesn’t scare me. That type of terrorism is more guerrilla style warfare with no specific target. Terrorism that I am afraid of are the ones that are meant to cripple a nation entirely. One kind is biological terrorism. A nation threatened by an artificially made flu virus with a programmed immunity to vaccines and treatment would cause chaos. Sound familiar? *cough*H1N1*cough* I’m not making any accusations here, but its not difficult to make viruses that are immune to vaccines… simply use enzymes to splice a segment of DNA code which makes the virus immune to treatment. Look at what swine flu is doing to United States now. The resemblance to biological terrorism is uncanny. Another type of terrorism is cybernetic terrorism. Think of our entire infrastructure: water, electricity, natural gas, phone lines, satellites, HDTV! Can you imagine a world without those things? How dependent are we as Americans on these luxuries? Knocking out a few of those essential aspects of our lives would leave people running around like mad. This leads me into the last type of terrorism I’m going to talk about. I think its the most effective. Economic terrorism… Hmmm lets think for a second folks. What if somebody made really good counterfeit notes. Its not impossible. Its been done before, but mainly for personal gain. If a mint in another country started cranking out US dollars by the millions or billions, that would kill us. If the United States was flooded with cash that was fake but common people couldn’t tell the difference and its gotten every where and now the dollar bill is worth less than the Indian cotton its printed on….. see how that would kill us. Alternatively, somebody could simply destroy all the credit companies and consequently bring every person back zero debt causing all banks to fail… Heh heh heh… Project Mayhem… Well that’s all folks. Sleep tight.

  13. modestmegan Says:

    Terrorism is a term that is commonly thrown around in our society today, especially in America. Ever since the September 11th attacks, the American people have become ultra-aware of any thing that may be construed as a threat against their lives. What many people do not realize is that terrorism is not only that act of killing, but it can be harming someone emotionally, socially, economically, and politically as well. More generally, terrorism is just one group of people or person trying to enforce fear onto another group or person. The three terroristic examples Moore uses in Bowling for Columbine, are September 11th, which is an example of international/foreign/Al-Queda terrorism on the United States, and also the horrific Columbine shooting. The shooting is what the documentary is basically based on, and it is a representation of the type of terrorism that can equate from other (emotionally and socially) terrorizing acts. Another example of a terrorist act was the Oklahoma bombing. All of these were just pure acts of hatreds, and Moore does a decent job of illustrating why they are all so horrific.

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