Blog 3, Due Sunday, Oct. 4 BEFORE Midnight/Jesse Owens vs. Hitler

After watching this video, answer the following questions in paragraph form.   Is this video of Jesse Owens’ monumental win at the 1936 Olympics propaganda? Consider these textual focuses before you assert your position.  Move past description to make a claim though your claim must be founded in observational evidence from the video.  Identify how the video demonstrates strong binary oppositions. For instance, how does the camera show power/powerless binary?  Note the anomalies, the use of music and text (here I don’t mean the video as “text” though it is, but rather the actual text/writing in the video) to articulate the filmmaker’s purpose?  What about the Indian heroes at the end and how do they fit into the video’s purpose?  Who is the intended audience?  You’ll need to watch the video several times and jot down details.  So…”wow” me with your analysis.

11 Responses to “Blog 3, Due Sunday, Oct. 4 BEFORE Midnight/Jesse Owens vs. Hitler”

  1. jingoistic john Says:

    The video of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Olympics could be used to represent many different social movements. The video’s intended purpose is to create a sense of “rallying around the flag” of the movement for equality of all people and equivocal justice. The example of Owens and his achievements personifies the American civil rights movement, a powerful example of a movement for equality. The camera shows binary opposition between Hitler and Jesse Owen. The music sets the tone for a confrontational interaction. There was footage f the Nazi army shown to express that Owen’s was fighting society and a seemingly insurmountable odds. This example of Owens is exposed at the end as simply a keystone example that is used to relate figures of equal rights movements. After showing many examples the video becoems a call to action that calls for the viewer to make a difference.

  2. gallanttracy Says:

    The video “Jesse Owens vs Hitler”uses powerful binary oppositions, text and music to sell this idea in a form of propaganda. Regardless if the the message that the video is trying to perceive is right or wrong, propaganda is something that is used to influence one’s opinion or ideas. One powerful binary opposition that is used in the video is between Hitler, a white and one of the most powerful men in the country at the time, and Jesse Owens, a black modest track star. This binary opposition shows the major differences between the two men and challenges the minority against the authority. Another binary opposition is the fact that the video is in black and white to further emfisize the difference between the two. The text helps ensure that the audience understands what the video is trying to portray, which is that motivation and ambition overcame fear. The music of the video sets the mood of Owens battling against Hitler and what he stands for. The intended audience is for anyone who does not believe that every person is equal and should be treated as people and individuals. Owens proved this in the video, with the text stating that he jumped over 25 feet in the long jump and won four gold medals. The Indian heroes at the end of the video demonstrate how other minority groups have overcome hardship. The “Jesse Owens vs. Hitler” video is propaganda which depicts how people can fight for what they know is right.

  3. dRaMaTiCdAnIeLlE Says:

    The advertisement is most definitely propaganda because the advertiser tries to spread the idea that Jesse Owens changed the world during the 1936 Olympics and was directly competing against Hitler. Because of the time period, one can assume that Owens felt the effects of Hitler’s beliefs although his actions, such as constant smiles, give no indication that Owens felt inferior. The use of dramatic music and the text chosen by the advertiser tries to make the audience view this as Owens’ quest to change the German perception. From this advertisement, the audience does not know if Owens was only doing his best and is now crowned as the person who changed the world. The use of the Indian heroes was most likely added to portray the many people, especially those underrepresented in the media, who are successful and have made great world developments. This advertisement seems to be geared towards Indian people and anyone that needs to feel empowered. It tries to make people aware of the power that they have to invoke change.

  4. modestmegan Says:

    This YouTube video is most definitely an example of propaganda. The creator is trying to get across the information that proves that Jesse Owens helped with the fight against Hitler in defeating the Germans in the 1936 Olympics. The music used in the video is very powerful, somewhat haunting in the beginning, and also unifying because it sounds like a large group of people humming together. The maker of the video uses all black and white images, perhaps to further exaggerate the differences between Owens and Hitler. Also, the images he chooses to use are in direct context with the text. The text is also a powerful element in the video, because there is no speaking so the audience must pay close attention to the words if they would like to grasp the concept of all the images. The creator uses phrases such as, “On that day, a grandson of slaves, crushed the Aryan ego” and “The score…Owens:4, Hitler: 0” to exemplify Jesse Owens’ “fought” Hitler and his beliefs in “the myth of Aryan supremacy” and won. Also when the creator says “grandson of slaves” he is proving that a man whose ancestors came from oppression could defeat an oppressor. The only thing I found wrong with the video was that technically these Olympic games occurred before the majority of Hitler’s ways were discovered, so really Owens was not running to defeat Hitler, but just running to run.

  5. Innovative Mark Says:

    In the Jesse Owens versus Hitler video, the creator of the video uses powerful music, images, and text to persuade the viewer into a certain mindset. Firstly, the videos main purpose is to show how Jesse Owens overcame adversity and single-handily took down the Nazi regime. This is a commanding and virtuous message because this video shows us that one person can make a difference and that no tyrant is too strong. The producer uses text and music in this video to reinforce the idea that the odds were against Owens, but that he persevered and came out on top despite these odds. In addition to text and music, the creator of the video includes other people in the video besides Owens who too have struggled with adversity but managed to overcome it to emphasize the point that anything is possible. This video is very inspirational, motivating, and moving, but sadly not factual based. Although it is not certain, many sources say that the Germans treated Owens with much respect, and that Hitler did even congratulate him after the Olympics. Some sources even say that Owens was treated better by the Germans than his home country, America. In addition to the warm reception that Owens received, Hitler was not necessarily “defeated” by Owens in this supposed duel considering that the Germans won far more medals than all of the other countries combined. The video however does not mention this because of simple propaganda principles. The purpose of this video is to sway the viewer into hating Germany and rallying around Owens, so these facts are simply ignored. Although the creator of this video is sending a positive message that one person can make a difference, they are doing it through false facts and propaganda.

  6. jugdementaljack Says:

    The video clip “Jesse Owens vs. Hitler” was a powerful instrument that showed how an athlete could fight against great odds in times of terror. During the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, Hitler was determined to prove that the Aryan race was supreme in all competitions, but Jesse Owens proved him wrong by winning four events. The purpose of showing HItler’s expansive army in the beginning of the clip was to show how powerful the Aryan race was. By comparing a large amount of Aryan’s, who Hitler represents, to Jesse Owens it shows that one can fight and over come great odds. The significance of the German music during the clip was to exemplify how dominant the Aryan race was in 1936. It is very interesting to see how completely different Hitler and Jesse Owens are and how they affected millions of other people throughout the world. At the end of the clip, it showed several other people that changed their countries for the better just like Jesse Owens. This video can inspire anyone who is faced with a seemingly unrealistic goal just like Jesse Owens.

  7. wittywil Says:

    The youtube video is most defiantly propaganda. The video of “Jesse Owens vs. Hitler” shows how one black man helped defeat the Nazi regime by winning the gold medal in 1936 and beat the supposed perfect and most dominant race, the Aryans. The music, black and white images, along with the text show how much he had to overcome to win his four gold medals. The beginning of the video shows how many people supported the Nazi regime and how grand their army was. It represents how many people wanted Jesse to fail, but he fought through all of the animosity and won. The text saying that he the “grandson of slaves crushed the Aryan ego” represents how even though a person who’s family two generations earlier were treated like animals overcame everything and won. The end text says “Jesse-4 Hitler-0” shows that even one man can defeat a whole regime that was against him. The music throughout sounds like a Nazi song and again just shows the odds that Jesse had to overcome to win for himself and for a whole country. The later people in the video show how just individuals can take control of their life and change the world forever.

  8. CaptainCole Says:

    This video is definately propaganda because it is trying to spread the idea that Germany was some unstoppable force but Jesse Owens destroyed a lot of their confidence and pride in one day. The video really tries to get the point across that Hitler was incredibly powerful by showing different images of Germans marching and saluting Hitler who was surrounded by many people sort of watching over everything. The music ads to the effect by making everything seem more dramatic and kind of gloomy and makes Jesse Owens task seem impossible, and the text builds on that buy saying that he alone had to destroy the myth of Aryan suppremacy against incredible odds. But once it shows him jumping and winning the gold and then saying that he had four gold medals to Hitlers zero the video seems to pick up and become more inspirational. The basic idea of the film is that even though Jesse Owens was just one man he was able to to break the spirit of one of the most powerful men in the world. I think thats why they added on the part at the end about the people from India because they alone made great differences in their country too and even though the intended audience might have been people native to India people all over can relate to the idea.

  9. supersmartsam Says:

    The youtube video of Jesse Owens vs. Hitler and the Aryan race is an example of propaganda due to the fact that one man conquered one of the most powerful regimes by himself in one day. It shows how one man was not scared and not intimidated by the overpowering favorite. He dared to be great which most of the times involves you to take on something that may be impossible to defeat in eyes of other, yet only you know you can do it. The music plays a big role in the power of the propaganda by building up to the climax, along with the words. The words play a big part in making this propaganda, because it shows you visually how Jesse Owens shocked Nazi Germany and Hitlers regime, even though it was the most powerful in the world. The people at the end from India potentially had similar stories to Jesse Owens.

  10. BiGrOn Says:

    The video clip Jesse Owen vs. Hitler demonstrates the power of determination, that despite how bad the odds are against you can overcome the obstacle. In 1936 Jesse Owens not only single handedly embarrass and conquer Hitler and his athletes from Germany in the Olympic; he made history and changed lives in his own country, the United States. During these times in America racism was still of existence and the accomplishments he made was remarkable in its own.

    This video is a form of propaganda because it represents the power of individual accomplishments to a broad audience all over the world. The music is a slow dramatic filled song that makes the mood of the clip gloomy, however the clip gives the audience a certain feeling of pride or joy. Hitler seemed to be devastated as you can see him leaving his seat in the clip. At the end of the clip they made remarks about Indians which was off topic and really did not seem relevant to the impression I received from the beginning of the clip.

  11. Stupendousshawn Says:

    The “Before Midnight” video is a clear use of propaganda. In the 1936 olympics, the idea that a colored man could beat the dominant white race was an unheard idea. Whites were supposed to be supremacist race, but Jesse Owens’ victories proved that this idea was false. The binary is evident in proving whites were not the dominant race and that blacks were a very capable people. The use of the words is to provide visual proof that the Aryians were not the dominant race. The music is plays the role of dramatizing the video. The purpose of the Indians at the end is to provide other visuals for people who endured the same struggle Jesse Ownes did, and they fit in because they were able to overcome the struggle of racism. The intended audience is people all over the world because the idea of equality is an idea that is still not fully embraced by every country in the world, and it would be beneficial for all people to see this video to get a clear reason why equality is necessary.

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