BLOG 1: Notice and Focus and 10 on 1 With a Spoof Ad/In-Class 9/21

Choose, from one of the websites below, a spoof ad and then analyze that ad using Notice and Focus(ranking) and 10 on 1 strategies from WA, pp.35-39 & pp.127-131.
Reason to a claim about which details are the most important. What is the focal point?

18 Responses to “BLOG 1: Notice and Focus and 10 on 1 With a Spoof Ad/In-Class 9/21”

  1. wittywil Says:

    1. The M on the baby’s bib
    2. The French Fries on his head
    3. Baby’s face looks to be upset
    4. The size of the baby: very large
    5. The baby’s lips: not happy like children usually are
    6. The baby has chunky hands
    7. The baby’s paints seem to be old and run down
    8. The baby’s shoes also seem worn
    9. The baby seems pail and unhealthy
    10. Eyes look like baby is going to cry

  2. captaincole Says:

    1. The word douche in big letters
    2.The guys goofy sunglasses
    3.His purple tank top
    4.How he’s slurping on that big gulp
    5.His weak wristbands and headband
    6.He has long hair
    7.Just douche it is in feminine colors
    8.He has a bunch of different colors on
    9.He is wearing what looks like under armour under a tank top
    10.He has his sleeves rolled up in a funny way

  3. gallanttracy Says:…/ uploads/2007/09/15.jpg

    The advertisement conveys cigarettes as dangerous, a burden to the person who smokes, a burden to society, causes accidents, kills, implies irresponsibility, people are oblivious to its effects, a gross substance, needs to be addressed and is a big issue.

  4. supersmartsam Says:

    1. The M on the heart monitor
    2. The doctors performing surgery
    3. Big Mac Attack wording
    4.Doctors looking worried
    5.Health Chart declining
    6.Flat line towards end of heart rate monitor
    7.Big belly on the patient
    8.Number of doctors
    9.Chart in RED coloring
    10.Big Mac Attack stated twice

  5. modestmegan Says:

    Adbusters: Obsession Women

    1. Nudity
    2. Black and white photograph
    3. Woman is grasping her side/stomach
    4. The other arm is holding her up
    5. The woman’s hair is down to the side
    6. The woman is leaning over the toilet
    7. Her ribs are kind of showing
    8. Focusing on how obsessed woman are with their weight
    9. No background, except toilet
    10. Yellow writing

  6. Innovative Mark Says:

    I chose the McDonald’s ad with Ronald McDonald in it.

    1. Ronald McDonald is in the photo
    2. The word grease is written on his mouth
    3. His eyes are wide open in a scary fashion (they are also very bloodshot)
    4. His hair is disheveled
    5. The word grease is the center of the photo
    6. His make up on his eyes is running down his face which gives him a scary appearance
    7. He has the McDonald arches as his eyebrows
    8. The whole photo is in McDonald’s red yellow and white colors
    9. Ronald McDonald does not have a mouth because it is covered in the word grease. (Gives the appearance that he is gagged by it)
    10. The McDonald’s M is used sideways for the E’s in the word grease

  7. DrAmAtIcDaNiElLe Says:

    1. Taped Mouth
    2. The word “grease” written on the tape
    3. Golden Arches of McDonalds makes the E’s in the word “grease”
    4. Dark lines under eyes
    5. Raised Eyebrows
    6. Dark Pupils
    7. Red Eyes
    8. Frightened Look
    9. Dark colors in the background
    10. Tape doesn’t cover entire mouth

    This ad makes Ronald McDonald appear as though he is keeping a secret from the consumer. Instead of the food being tasty and making you smile, it is actually greasy and harmful to your body. Usually Ronald McDonald is very vibrant and makes McDonalds seem like the best place to eat, but here he appears as though that is not the case.

  8. BigRon Says:…/nikejustdoitjt6.jpg

    In this image it degrades the nike shoe company.
    It shows a young foreign boy who supposedly works in a sweat shop factory releasing his waste (peeing) on he nike advertisement that is painted on the wall.
    This ads purpose is to show to an audience how nike company’s use underage workers over seas to make shoes and pay them minimum wage to make an enormous profit in the end. As well the ads is to draw attention to the struggle and inhumane acts of these factories. It also shows the feeling that the young boy has to the nike company, however I suppose many workers are grateful to have a job even though the job surroundings are not ideal.

  9. jingoistic John Says:

    The reason I chose this photo is because I have seen many cars like this one on campus. 1. Porshes are overpriced 2. luxury cars are a statement of wealth 3. almost no one can afford these cars 4. this car is not stylish 5. The brand name and price surpass the functional capability 6. There are cheaper cars that are better for there the intended purpose 7. the add makes you believe these cars are built to explore rough regions of the world. 8. These cars are typically uses by parents in suburban environments for neighborhood driving. 9. People look at these cars as a bad investment. 10. this cars creation is for the sole purpose of brand purchasing.

  10. gallanttracy Says:

    the cigarette is crushing the car, it is larger than the car, no people are in the picture, it is dark and gloomy, the car is older, there is a strip of caution tape inside the car, the nicotene in the cigarette is visible, there are big buildings surrounding it which propably means this add took place in the city, there is a sign stating facts about cigarettes, and the trees in the background are bear which means this add took place sometime during the fall or winter

  11. Stupendousshawn Says:

    I chose Just Dousche It.

    1. I chose this because it has to do with nike, which is my favorite shoe brand.
    2. The phrase put a funny spin on a popular phrase.
    3. The guy in the picture caught my eye with the starnge attire he has on.
    4. The colors of the symbol caught my eye because nike is usually written in black or white.
    5. The use of the word dousche shows a major negative spin on the ad.
    6. The man seems to be doing some sort of activity while drinking a soda.
    7. The purple shirt he is wearing caught my attention.
    8. The use of the jumpsuit makes him look like a strange guy.
    9. The headband makes him look extremely goofy.
    10. His other hand seems to be holding something that I cannot see, making me want to see and know more.

  12. delusional brendan Says:

    My Ad was the spoof ad “True Colors of Benetton”(Image 6 of 25)

    1. Shirt is the same color as the money
    2. Money is a mix of various bills crammed into mouth
    3. Black tie
    4. Red Eyes
    5. Angry look
    6. Right eye is higher than the left
    7. Box with caption is green
    8. Black hair slicked back
    9. All white background
    10. Evil looking eyebrows

    The caption the true colors of Benetton is not only talking about how greedy they are, the picture is actually the colors of money. The tie, hair, and eyes are all black and the shirt is the yellowish color of money. The way the money is crammed into his mouth looks like a greedy person put in as much as possible.

  13. jugdementaljack Says:

    McDonald MacAttack

    1. In the hospital
    2. Doctors are working on a large patient
    3. Monitor fluctuates
    4. The McDonalds’ symbol is on the monitor
    5. At the bottom of the monitor is says Big Mac Attack
    6. Chart on clipboard shows a falling line
    7. The monitor flat lines
    8. Doctors know what to do with the patient
    9. A bright light shines on the patient
    10. Needs two doctors to work on the patient and tools are used

    This ad spoof shows what could happen when consumers eat McDonald’s and especially a Big Mac. It makes fun of McDonald’s because of its unhealthy food products. Since it is given the name “Big Mac Attack”, it makes it seem very common.

  14. fearlesssarah Says:

    Hmm I hope I’m doing this correctly.
    My 10 facts

    1) Birds are flying away with Nestle candy bars
    2) Its making me want chocolate
    3) Red is a dominant color
    4) The birds are fake
    5) The 3-D effect is utilized
    6) It is advertising Nestle
    7) It is advertising two of Nestle’s products
    8) There are 5 birds
    9) One packet of the candy bars seem to be open
    10) There is nothing else around the sign to distract

    This is a comical ad for the Nestle candy bars. How birds have anything to do with chocolate is beyond me. Maybe the lack of anything around the sign and it is so high up with the birds symbolizes that the competition such as Hersheys, cannot compete and is lower down on the food chain.

  15. Billy the Brain Says:

    Absolute End

    1 – there is only the outline of the bottle
    2 – people are gathered around the outline
    3 – some people look like photographers
    4 – some people are investigators
    5 – the scene takes place in the street
    6 – the scene is modeled after a murder scene
    7 – the ground is cracked and dirty
    8 – there is a red light coming from off the scene
    9 – no faces can be seen, they are all looking at the outline
    10- there is a car facing away from the outline

  16. wil kamin Says:

    I did the ad with the baby mcdonalds

  17. Alex L Says:

    For the Absolute End Ad:
    1. Ad backstory is a crimescene caused by a DUI accident
    2. Police and paramedics surround the crimescene
    3. A chalk outline of a bottle can be seen on the pavement
    4. The scene is dark with the exception of the car lights and the flash of a forensic camera
    5. Said car lights are not directly shown and may in fact be part of an ambulance’s warning lights
    6. All the faces in the ad are hidden and are directed towards the chalk outline
    7. The bottle outline is prominently shown in the center of the ad, in the same manner as a bottle would be shown in an Absolute Ad.
    8. The area on or directly near the outline is cracked, while the pavement by the surrounding police and paramedics is in good condition
    9. There are what appears to be blood stains on and near the outline, a few small dots with one large puddle centered on the outline
    10. The statement given by the ad about alcohol usage and advertising is meant to shock and horrify the reader.

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