103-02 Members Only, Blogging Our Way to Meaning

We’ll use this collaborative space, as soon as we all figure it out, to engage with our class readings, to respond to our own and each others’  texts, and to answer posted questions (some required, some optional)  by Prof. P.   The goal–a lengthy history of posts that bounce off of each other, question and argue with each other, sorting through initial thoughts and wading  into that writing chaos to transform ideas  (brilliant and not-so brilliant ones) into the foundation of lucid and compelling persuasive  prose.  You will develop strategies here such as authenticity and analysis which will infuse your “real” papers.  So, embrace the immediacy of this forum and the potential for rhetorical camaraderie it offers.  One further goal– to have fun.  Informal and inspired writing is welcome, sloppy writing is not. Seeking one intrepid 103 to be the first 103 blogger….

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